Best Things To See And Do In Kigali City

Not sure of what things to see or do in Kigali Rwanda? Kigali is Rwanda’s main commercial, cultural and political center. It is one of the most beautiful capital cities in Africa with a population of about 1 million people. Kigali has for long stood out as one of Africa’s safest, calmest, cleanest, and most organized cities. Kigali also boasts of its breathtaking landscape characterized by beautiful hills, modern buildings, and several other landmarks. It is also home to most of Rwanda’s important historical sites.

A lot of transformations have taken place in Kigali since post the 1994 Rwanda genocide and a visit to this city leaves many amazed. Unlike other parts of Africa, Rwandese have demonstrated a great sense of collaboration, ownership, and working as a community. Most visitors to Rwanda use Kigali as a transit point to most of the country’s remote safari destinations where they go to see wildlife and primate species such as mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, golden monkeys, the big five, and more.

Kigali city tours are possible to organize for instance 1 day Kigali city tour or combine city expedition with most of the safaris in Rwanda including gorilla trekking tours, wildlife safaris in Akagera National Park, chimpanzee tracking in Nyungwe Forest National Park or Gishwati-Mukura National Park.

Things to see and do in Kigali City

  • Mount Kigali

Kigali is a beautiful city featuring not only modern structures but also rolling hills. On the Kigali city expedition, Mount Kigali should be a must-visit. This is the tallest hill in Kigali with an altitude rise of 6000ft and getting to its summits is such a thrilling experience. At the summit, climbers enjoy uninterrupted views of Kigali Capital City.

  • Kigali convention center

Kigali convention center is one of the kind of structures Kigali boasts of. The center features distinct architectural design taking a unique beehive design comprising of shinning glass, powerful beam, and so on. Today Kigali is notably one of the most after MICE destinations due to unique conference centers such as The Kigali Convention Centre.

  • Local markets

Local markets such as Kimironko and Nyamirambo are some of the amazing places tourists on Rwanda safari or Kigali city tour shouldn’t miss visiting. The local markets attract most people who come to purchase a variety of foodstuffs or if you are interested in fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, cereals, and so on.

  • Motorbike tours

Motorbike tours are some of the exhilarating experiences worth participating in while on a safari in East Africa and Kigali in particular. They offer incredible opportunities to explore and experience Kigali differently. You can embark on self-ride or guided motorbiking tours in and around Kigali.

  • Kigali genocide center

Kigali genocide memorial center is one of the best places often visited by most tourists on Kigali city tour. The memorial site was set up purposely mainly in commemoration of 200000 Rwandese who were buried here. It offers insight into what took place during the 1994 Rwanda genocide where thousands lost their lives and others displaced.

  • Museum

Visit the main city museum to explore the unique history of Kigali. The top museums worth visiting in Kigali include Rwanda Art Museum, State House Kandt House, Rwanda Art Museum, and others.

  • Belgium UN troop memorial

During the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, about 10 Belgian peacemakers were killed. These were given the responsibility to keep safe the Prime Minister Madame Agathe but unfortunately, they were confronted by assailants. The Hutu later killed the prime minister plus her husband after the Belgium soldiers were murdered.

  • Hotel des Mille Collines

Hotel des Mille Collines isn’t only visited for tourists on Rwanda vacation to stay but it is also an attraction of its own. It has a dark history that dates back to the 1994 Rwanda genocide where thousands lost their lives. At the time, most Tutsis are believed to have been kept here by a hotel manager, and whatever took place featured in the popular movie- ‘Hotel Rwanda’. This hospitality facility is comprised of 112 guest rooms, bar, restaurant, lounge, conference room, gardens, swimming pool, and others.

  • Craft shops and art galleries

There are different ways of telling a story and one of them is art. There are many artifacts developed from local materials each with its meaning. While in Kigali city, visit any of the craft shops or art galleries to purchase some beautiful beads, necklaces, dresses, bangles, and more. The main art centers in Kigali include among others Inema art center, Kigali art center, Ivuka art, Indiba art space among others. If you are interested in fashion, then the best places to be include Nyamirambo Women’s Centre, Abraham Kongo Collections, and so on.

Other things to see or do in Kigali city include volunteering, golfing, visiting the health clubs, sky diving, horse riding in Rugende Park or Fazenda Sangha on Mt. Kigali, skating, walking tours, Gaddafi mosque, watching soccer at Amahoro Stadium, Milk bar and more.

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