What do I require for a camping safari in East Africa?

Camping in East Africa is incredibly an exciting experience most nature lovers wish to engage in while in Africa but many questions have been raised yet unanswered including ‘what do I require for a camping safari in East Africa? Yes, the idea of camping safaris in East Africa comes with lots of excitement yet is also so intimidating. Even the repeat campers on the ground often don’t have any idea of what to expect when they get into the wilderness, what things to carry or pack etc.

For starters, camping in East Africa is so different from other camping experiences in other regions or destinations. There is a long list of items to pack but only essentials are needed and besides, when packing or planning your camping trip, you have to be mindful of landscape- East Africa is all distinct from what you could have experienced in other parts of Africa. Here are some of the items you require for a camping safari in East Africa.

Camping Tents

Camping is such a unique experience that visitors don’t spend a night in a hotel but rather immerse themselves into the wilderness. Tents are a major form of accommodation when it comes to camping safaris in East Africa. This means, for anyone planning a camping safari in East Africa, Tents are essential requirements you should put into consideration. Camping tents are available in different sizes- there are those that accommodate from 2-5pax and they are available in various types including beach shelters, backpacking tents, mountaineering tents, festival tents, family tents, and others.

There is also an alternative of hiring a safari car in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya or Tanzania with a rooftop tent; which is a great means to save you from renting or purchasing tents and other camping gear. Get in touch with your trip planner or tour operator/company and inquire if they can get you a rental car with a rooftop tent.

Sleeping bags

When choosing any sleeping bag for your camping safaris in East Africa, make sure that you carry one that is waterproof. Have portable mattresses that you can easily fold and pack. Though many may prefer deluxe mattresses, sleeping bags are equally comfortable and affordable for tourists.

Camper chair

Camping in East Africa is a unique outdoor adventure experience perfect for family trips or if you would like to share lasting memories together with your dear ones. A camper chair is one essential item you require for any camping safari in East Africa. Camper chairs exist in different forms including helinox swivel chairs, alps mountaineering king kong, Coleman oversized quad chairs,


When packing for a camping safari in East Africa, suitcases aren’t part but rather choose easy to carry a backpack. This is considering the limited storage room on trucks or buses or any car you plan to travel into your camping safari destination in East Africa. When choosing the best bag for your camping adventure in East Africa, make sure that you get in touch with your tour agent or company. The company you plan to deal with can recommend the type of bag to carry based on size- preferably, you require a waterproof bag to keep your essential documents safe in case of rains.

Gas tanks/burners/stoves

What distinguishes camping safaris in East African destinations from the rest of the world is that tourists travel to the remotest areas and these areas in most cases don’t have electricity. However, at the end of the day, the stomach must have something for you to carry on with your daily activities. The best way to have something prepared as soon as possible is to use a gas tank or burner or stove.

Camping tables

A lightweight camping table is another important requirement for your camping safari in East Africa. Your camping table is good, especially for you to dine from with your colleagues, family or friends. Visitors on a camping tour in East Africa can select a compact outdoor table or alps mountaineering table and others depending on their travel desires.

Camping clothing

Find clothes that are friendly to the environment and avoid shouting colors as they tend to attract tsetse flies or scare away/irritate wildlife. Also, consider which kitchenware to carry, and being an outdoor activity, you need long-sleeved shirts, long pants, trousers, safari hat, sweater, rain jacket or poncho, and others.

Other important items to pack for camping safari in East Africa

  • Wipes & hand sanitizers

You require some wipes and hand sanitizer- this can save you especially when find yourself in a destination with no or scarce water supply. Alternatively, you will also need to carry some bottled water.

  • Headlamp

Camping in East Africa isn’t done in ordinary places but rather in the wilderness. You must be prepared in case of darkness and this is why you require a headlamp, lantern, or torch. There should be extra batteries in case the ones in the torch run out.

  • Kitchen utensils

Have essential utensils to help you prepare food for yourself in the wild. Items such as plastic plates, saucepans, knives, frying pans, forks, spoons, etc are essential for you to pack while on a camping safari in East Africa.

  • Hire a 4×4 car

No better way to connect to your destination in East Africa than having the means to get there. The best alternative here is hiring a comfortable 4×4 car for your road trip in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Zanzibar, and others. We have a range of rental cars worth hiring for your camping safaris in East Africa including a 4×4 camper van, Toyota Rav4, Land Cruisers, and others. Choose a comfortable rental car that accommodates all your friends, colleagues, or a group you plan to travel with. However, choose a rental car that is within your budget and travel interest.

Besides the above, other gears to consider packing for camping in East Africa include jerrycan, cooler box, cups, chopping board to mention but a few.

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