On the 14th of July 2021, over 100 revelers were charged in Nateete Magistrate’s court over defying Covid-19 guidelines and participating in an act that is likely to facilitate the spread of Covid-19. The suspects were found at New Best Hotel in Busega attending an alleged strip night show that commenced past 7:00 pm; the set curfew time.

The group was arrested on Sunday; some of which were below 20 years of age. After pleading guilty, they were offered an option of 14 days in prison or paying a fine of UGX100,000. Majority of the suspected accepted to pay the UGX100,000 fine instead of going to prison for 14 days.

However much strip shows might sound alarming to the ears of some members of the public; there is no clear law addressing strip shows in Uganda. As long as there is no victim, and attendants are above the age of 18; there is still no clear law to address the matter in Uganda.


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