Alliance in motion global has been the biggest pyramid skim in Uganda recruiting unsuspecting Ugandans in need of job opportunities. The company is registered and licensed to sell medical-related products. Today during the state of the nation address, Agnes Igoye shared her encounter with a number of victims as far as Gulu who had been promised jobs only to be scammed by AIM global.

Everyone that was promised a job was asked to pay money to purchase hampers from Alliance in motion global. After purchasing the products, they had to sell them and also recruit other people in order to get money. The story has been the same around most of the universities in Kampala where a number of students’ tuition was scammed using the same promises.

During the state of security address; Agnes Igoye shared a Whatsapp number where anyone that has ever been affected by the activities of Alliance in Motion (AIM) Global to get in touch. +256711374160 (WhatsApp)


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