Tugabana Airtel services have been one of the primary ways most of the Ugandans were keeping online. It only required one person to have data and share it with up to four people. Unfortunately, effective from 21 July 2021; Airtel Uganda will be scrapping its Tugabane services on all daily bundles, Freaky holiday bundles, and freaky Friday bundles.

Instead of Tugabane; Airtel is suggesting gift bundles where you have to buy a similar bundle for another person. For instance, assuming you were spending UGX 6500 to buy a freaky Friday bundle that was shared among 4 other people; you will instead have to buy 4 gifts freaky Friday packages for the four people you were sharing the UGX 6500 bundle with.


Therefore instead of spending Ugx6500 for five people, you will have to spend Ugx32,500 since each one of you will need to have a personal freaky Friday bundle. It is still unclear whether Airtel will also consider revising its rates since one of the reasons most people were using Tugabane on freaky Friday bundles was because they could not use the whole package single-handedly in simply two days.

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