City Lawyer Male Hassan Mabirizi Kassim Kiwanuka refused to appear in Court on the 11th of February 2022. He said that the law gives him provisions of principal-agent operations. Instead of appearing physically, Male Mabirizi hired the services of Ojok Advocates to represent him in court in his absence.

Male Mabirizi says that the matter was adjourned to Tuesday the 15th of February for two reasons; The attorney general never served him any letter thus he had to give him time to serve him the letter and the other issue was to clarify whether he is letting Ojok advocates to fully operate on his behalf or he will be appearing before the court without Ojok Advocates. According to the judge, the confusion arose when Mabilizi sent Ojok Advocates to act on his behalf but still retained the courtesy to act on his own even without Ojok advocates thus the confusion.

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