Pastor Bugingo with his recent lover Suzan Makula have appeared in the Entebbe court for allegedly committing bigamy. The case they are answering to came up after pastor Bugingo was allegedly introduced by Suzan Makula only two weeks are the alleged official visit to the family of Suzan Makula.

Male Mabirizi who was the lead lawyer in this case has already sought the court not to grant bail to the two lovers. Via his twitter; Male Mabirizi said; “I have filed an affidavit in objection to grant of bail to Pastor ALOYSIUS BUJJINGO on among others, that he threatened me with death & is likely to interfere with the witnesses mainly those under his control & employment and that investigations are complete”

Male Mabirizi during court session

The case was taken over by the DPP making Male Mabirizi and counsel Lutalo mere witnesses in the case.

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