The Ugandan vlogger commonly known as Isma Olaxees Kalevu who is also the chairman of Uganda Bloggers association was arrested yesterday on grounds of offensive communication against Omulangira Suuna (OS). For close to a month now, social media vloggers had made OS their topic claiming that all the property he showed cased in viral video that made rounds on social media and a number of gossip T.V programs wasn’t his.

To make it worse; they made claims that this property belonged to a 65 year old woman who is the wife to OS. Although OS came out to refute the claims; a number of vloggers and media personalities continued to make attacks on his person. Last week, he put three NXT media presenters behind bars. Our sources have it that they will be returning to court on the 15th of October 2021.

On the other hand, Isma Olaxees who was arrested yesterday was presented in court today where he was able to secure a cashless bail of 10 million.

Dr. Jose Chameleon, is among the many people that have pleaded with OS to drop charges but it seems their plea is landing on cold ears.

By SePH256

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