Rumors of the Chinese taking over of Entebbe international airport over a failed loan payment by Uganda were some of the main international stories about Uganda in 2021. The story was picked up after one of the respected media houses in Uganda published a heading denoting that Entebbe international airport was in the process of being taken over by China even though the body of the story only speculated of what would happen if Uganda failed to clear its loan.

With the above alarming background, many Ugandans still believe the headline was true. This false conception has raised alarms after a number of people saw the Entebbe international airport code presented as HUEN. To many, HUEN proved that the Chinese take over was true.

However, breaking down how we come to have Entebbe International airport abbreviated as HUEN is relatively clear. According to the International civil aviation Organisation (ICAO); Uganda’s region is marked by the letter “H”, the country Uganda is abbreviated as “U” while Entebbe international airport is abbreviated as “EN”. Once you join all those abbreviations, you come to the abbreviation of HUEN.

Besides the Huen shortcode; other codes that might sound like Asian names include; Huko, Huto, Hupa, Huji, Hugu among several others.



Entebbe international airport is also abbreviated as EBB in the international air transport association. (IATA)


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