Not more than two weeks ago; one of the most respected print-Newspaper in Uganda published an article with a headline that if we paraphrase said China had taken over Entebbe international airport after Uganda failed to adhere to the terms of the loan. The headline was picked up by a number of international media houses as far as India and the United States of America
Until now, it is not clear what the Agenda of the print-Newspaper was in publishing a heading that was totally detached from the body. It is not the first time that the same Newspaper has published a heading totally detached from the body. Upon the appointment of Micho as Head coach for the Uganda cranes, the same Newspaper published a headline claiming that Dennis Onyango the former Uganda Cranes captain was to return on the national team.
However, the body of the article simply went further to speculate about the relationship between Micho and Dennis Onyango that would be a good reason for Onyango to reconsider joining the national team. In the same manner, Dennis Onyango came out to refute the allegations of this same Newspaper and that was the end of the story.

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