Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a number of international sports bodies have taken a step to still their association with Russia. President Vladimir Putin was first relinquished of his honorary presidency and ambassador role at the international Judo association. This has been followed up by FIFA and UEFA; the world and European football bodies respectively banning Russia from participating in any of their competitions.

Russia was set to face Poland in their world cup qualifiers but the match was called off. RB Leipzig  was also exited in the Europa league. Contrary to this ban; the common action has always been finding a neutral ground where matches and competition would take place. In a way, the ban affects any Russian whether they stand for or against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Since 1992; UEFA and FIFA had never sanctioned any other country for nonsporting irregularities. A similar ban was last heard of against Yugoslavia in 1992. What remains unclear is why these international bodies have not been taking similar actions since 1992. It seems like international sports organizations are setting a precedent that will likely haunt them in the future. Given the political situation of many African countries; this precedent is likely to haunt these international sports organizations.

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