According to World Health Organisation, Uganda has so far vaccinated 843,000 people and only 4,129 of these are fully vaccinated. Today the country has resumed a mass vaccination process expected to ruin from the 28th of June up to the 2nd of July 2021

Diana Atwine Receiving her Jab

The exercise had been affected by the depletion of the 950,000 vaccine doses that had been received from India. Those who have hit the 12 weeks gap since the first jab will be getting their second jab while those who have never received the vaccination will be getting their fast jab.

The immunisation process has registered mixed reactions from the public after some citizens getting severe side effects while some people didn’t get any side effects. However, the conspiracy theories about vaccination are being overridden by the effect of the second Covid-19 wave in Uganda which has inspired very many people to get vaccinated.





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