Civil Aviation Authority will be opening their subsidized covid-19 laboratory at Entebbe international airport on the 24th of October 2021. According to Dr. Ssewanyana; the Laboratory has the capacity to test 500 individual with in two hours.

Upon arrival, all passengers’ covid-19 samples will be taken before proceeding to customs. In the process of going through customs, their samples will be in the laboratory. The results will be expected to come out not later than two hours. However; those departing at Entebbe international airport will continue using the private laboratories accredited by the ministry of health across the country.

Every passenger will be expected to pay $30 (Ugx 100,000) for the arrival PCR to the government of Uganda. This will be paid either in cash or using electronic cards. What is not clear as per now is whether the government will be charging surcharges to those who opt to pay online instead of paying in cash.

Private facilities have been charging $65 per covid-19 PCR test which they will continue to charge on anyone in need of a PCR test prior to their departure from Uganda.

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