Family tours are amazingly exciting and a perfect way to share lasting memories with your dear ones. But since the outbreak of Covid 19, travel has never been the same- a lot has changed with travel still at risk worldwide.

We understand that it has been a long when you last traveled to Africa or any part of the world with your loved ones for a family tour holiday. This is why we have come up with a number of important tips to guide you while you enjoy a safe family safari during this Covid 19 era.

Tips for Uganda family safaris / Vacation amidst Covid 19

Book a family-friendly safari lodge or hotel

When looking for a hotel or safari lodge, be aware that most hospitality facilities have a minimum age requirement. Usually, hotels or safari lodges accept children from 8-12 or up to 16 years. At times, hotels or lodges don’t accept children younger than 12 and they may not be permitted to go for a guided game drive. Take enough time and search for a lodge that covers the age range of your children. Some of the amazing safari lodges you should consider spending a night while on a safari in Uganda include Kidepo Savannah Lodge, Enganzi Game Lodge, Isunga Lodge, Bunyonyi Overland Resort, and Mihingo safari lodge among others.

Keep children busy on a family tour

While on a family tour in Uganda during Covid 19 era, it is important to ensure that the activities to be engaged in include those that children can also enjoy. Children can engage in short game drives or walks, craft making, and others.

Visit malaria-free safari destinations

Though Covid 19 exists, malaria shouldn’t be left out. Try as much as you can to visit places with less or no risk of malaria. While in such destinations, children can participate in different activities including child-minding services.

Pack light while on a family tour

When packing for your family trip, don’t think of bringing the whole house. You only need essential items to make your family tour successful. Usually, the weight limit per person in a soft bag is 20kgs.

Can I travel during Covid 19 pandemic?

Family tour during Covid 19 can be challenging but prior to setting off, find out if your locality doesn’t have cases of coronavirus. In case anyone of your family members is sick or has symptoms of Coronavirus, it is advisable to stay back. Family members with a higher risk of severe illness are advised to postpone their trips.

Book a Suitable Safari Vehicle

Depending on the number of people you are traveling with, you should rent a safari car in Uganda that suits your trip and comfortably accommodates all your family members with social distancing. Here are some of the vehicles recommended to rent for your safari in Uganda and their capacity; Toyota Rav4 (2pax), Land Cruiser Prado, VX. GX and Land cruiser V8 (up to 4pax), Land cruiser hardtop, and Mini-buses (up to 7 pax).

Is it safe to travel to Uganda after receiving the coronavirus vaccine?

Full vaccination plays an important part as it reduces the risks of becoming severely ill and also spread the virus to the rest of the family members or friends. Though vaccines don’t provide 100% protection, it gives a significant protection level and there is still to observe the set Standard Operating Procedures. You require a vaccine to protect yourself.

How to keep safe as a family while on tour during Covid 19?

Once you have made up your mind to travel, next is to observe travel restrictions, quarantines, and testing requirements in the destination you plan to visit. Like other regulations, the set policies for coronavirus can also change and that is why you are advised to keep checking on the travel requirements, updates about Covid 19. Isolate and quarantine the persons with symptoms of Covid 19 and where the need for further treatment, the medical team can guide you appropriately. While on a family tour amidst Covid 19, negative PCR test results are required. Carry with hand sanitizer, water, facemasks, and more.

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