The highest rank that has been awarded in the Uganda army (UPDF) since 1985 is a four star general. Here are the ranks in the Uganda army and their respective salaries:

The lowest army officer in Uganda (Private) earns Ugx 310,000 ($81.57)

A Lance Corporal earns Ugx 311,000 per month ($81.84)

A Corporal earns Ugx 314,000 per month ($82.63)

The sergeant in the Uganda army earns Ugx 321,000 per month ($84.47)

A Staff sergeant in the Uganda army (UPDF) earns Ugx 341,000 per month ($89.73)

The warrant officer class II earns Ugx 400,000 per month ($105.26)

A Warrant officer class I earns Ugx 450,000 per month ($118.42)

Second Lieutenant earns Ugx 520,000 per month ($136.84)

A Lieutenant in the Uganda army earns Ugx 600,000 per month ( $157.89)

A Captain in the Uganda army earns Ugx 670,000 per month ( $176.31)

The officers on the rank of Major in the Uganda army earn Ugx 750,000 per month ($197.36)

A Lieutenant colonel earns Ugx 950,000 per month ($250)

The Colonels earn Ugx 1,100,000 per month ($289.47)

A Brigadier earns Ugx 1,300,000 per month ($342.10)

A Major General earns Ugx 1,400,000 per month ($368.42)

A Lieutenant General earns Ugx 1,500,000 per month ($394.73)

A General in the Uganda army earns Ugx  1,600,000 per month ($421.05)

According to the new Uganda army salary scale that is yet to be established, the least paid army officer (Private) will be paid Ugx 1,500,000 per month ($394.73) while the highest paid will receive around 12,500,000 Ugx ($3289.47) per month.





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