In a season where the UEFA Euro tournament is going on and the Copa America, it seems normal to a certain extent for sports events to go on. However, this seems not to be the story when it comes to the Olympics; there is fear that the Covid-19 infections in Tokyo Japan might be overwhelming. In order to reduce the impact of infections, vaccination has been considered as the main route to safety.

In 2021; it is a standard operating procedure for someone to have a negative PCR test certificate and vaccination card in order to attend a mass gathering. But what about those who do not want to be vaccinated?

Head BOA

This is the scandal in the Olympic games which has also hit team GB, though over 90% of the team is willing to be vaccinated, there are a few members in the team that are unwilling to undertake a vaccine. The British Olympic Association (BOA) head has been reported saying that he is still trying to convince some athletes to have the vaccine before the start of next month. But what will happen if they refuse to take the vaccine? it is their right not to be vaccinated

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