Only three days after the head of the Uganda Olympic delegation tested positive in Japan, a second Ugandan who has been asymptomatic during the acclimatization in the Ugandan camp located in Izumisano, Osaka, has tested positive.

The event was scheduled for 2020 but because of the ravaging and unpredictable covid-19 pandemic, the event was postponed to this year. But even this year, some people didn’t really support the green light that gave Japan a nod to continue with Olympics 2020.

However much the standard operating procedures such as a negative PCR test requirement before getting on the flight are adhered to, it has come out to show that some people can still test negative even when they are positive. This has been proved by two members of the Ugandan team who were fully vaccinated, tested negative before taking their flight but have come out positive during their short stay in Izumisano.

The head coach of the Uganda Olympic team had received two Covid-19 tests on separate days before embarking on his journey to Japan. Both the tests came out negative but to his surprise, he has come out to be positive in Japan.

These positive tests have raised concerns on whether the 2020 Japan Olympics will be safe given the rise of Covid-19 variants as time goes now.

In a press release, this what  Beatrice Ayikoru the Uganda Olympic committee general secretary had to say about the infections in the Ugandan team. “Today, we have learned that a second member of our Team Uganda has tested positive for COVID-19. The member is asymptomatic and being looked after by the health authorities in Izumisano.

The rest of the team is well and continues to acclimatize in Izumisano. We remain firmly committed and focused on ensuring the safety and wellness of our team and working together with all relevant authorities.”

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