The former FC Barcelona star Samuel Eto’o has been declared the father of a 22-year-old Spanish woman, Erika Do Rosario Nieves. In a case that started in 2018 and was concluded yesterday on the 17th of February 2022; the court ruled that Erika Do Rosario Nieves is a biological daughter to Samuel Eto’o.

Samuel Eto’o has never acknowledged Erika Do Rosario Nieves as his daughter and on that matter, he even refused to attend the court proceedings in Madrid. It has been said that Samuel Eto’o met Erika Do Rosario Nieves’s mother in one of the nightclubs in Madrid in 1997. By then Samuel Eto’o was still playing on loan for Leganes from Real Madrid.

Once the mother of Erika brought it to Eto’os attention that she was pregnant, the legendary striker told her that he would act responsibly with respect to the common child although he preferred that she did not give birth to the child.

Later on, in the course of her pregnancy, Erika’s mother claims that Eto’o stopped picking up her phone calls. Her attempts to also get in touch via email were unfruitful. Upon acquiring proof that Eto’o was the biological father of Erika, she proceeded with the 2018 lawsuit.

The court ruling requires Samuel Eto’t to pay a monthly allowance of €1,400 to his biological daughter Erika Do Rosario Nieves as well as clear the allowances from the time the lawsuit was filed.

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