Barely a week after celebrating her birth, Sheila Gashumba has once again been trending on social media for the wrong reasons. The daughter of the outspoken socialite and motivational speaker Frank Gashumba is on the edge of getting on the list of popular Ugandans whose sex tapes have gone viral on social media.

After a heated exchange with Marcas Lwanga commonly known as god’s plan; the former boyfriend to Sheila Gashumba came out with a threat to release Sheila Gashumba’s sex tapes. According to god’s plan, Sheila Gashumba has been feasted by Ugandan’s celebrities such as Grenade, Maulana and Reign, Kenzo, Kasuku, Fik Fameica, and unbelievably Nelly the husband to Swangz Avenue icon Vinka.

god’s plan says he could not honor Sheila Gashumba’s requests not to share the sex tapes. However for the sake of her family and relatives who god’s plan claims to be close to him; he will not share the sex tapes because it will hurt Sheila Gashumba’s family. In other words, he claims; he would not have hesitated to share the sex tapes if it wasn’t for her family.

It should be noted that besides the listed names above, Sheila Gashumba has lately been dating Rickman the “Bango Baliwanika” star.

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