Uganda has a total of 33 operational airstrips/airfields and only one international airport. However, by 2025, Uganda expects to have another international airport in the oil capital of Uganda; Hoima. Out of the 33; there are 19 privately operated airfields and 13 Civil aviation authority operated airfields.

Entebbe International Airport

Entebbe international airport is the biggest and the only international airport in Uganda. Efforts are underway to establish another international airport in Hoima. Hoima international airport also known as Kabaale international airport is expected to be complete by the end of February 2023. However, this projection was before the Covid-19 pandemic.

There are 28 airlines that operate out of Entebbe international airport in a calendar year. Entebbe international airport also offers nonstop flights to 19 cities as of 2022. It also offers a minimum of 19 flights in a week on a local basis and a minimum of 198 international flights on a weekly basis

Pakuba Airstrip (Murchison Falls National Park)

Pakuba airfield is located in Nwoya district. It offers nonstop local flights and at least 10 domestic flights depart from Pakuba airport on a weekly basis.

Arua Airstrip

Arua airport is located in Arua. It is one of the least used airports in Uganda a minimum of 2 domestic flights on a weekly basis.

Kihihi Airstrip

Kihihi Airport is located in Kihihi southwestern Uganda. It is one of the busiest local airports with at least 21 domestic flights on a weekly basis. It is the same airstrip that is mainly used for the flying gorilla safari in Uganda.

Kasese Airstrip

Kasese Airport is located in Kasese. It is equally a busy airport like Kihihi airstrip with at least 21 domestic flights on a weekly basis.

Other Honorable mentions

Soroti Airfield: The airport is mainly used by the East Africa Civil Aviation Academy for training purposes. Even though it is relatively bigger than most of the above local airports; it is not used for public local flights however upon request, private flights use the same airport in Eastern Uganda.

Jinja Airstrip: The airstrip is located in Jinja approximately 90 kilometers from Entebbe international airport. It is also used for local flights mainly connecting Pakuba, Kihihi, and Kasese. Jinja airstrip is both a civilian and military airstrip.

  • Tororo Airfield
  • Kisoro Airfield
  • Kidepo Airfield
  • Lira Airfield
  • Moroto Airfield
  • Masindi Airfield
  • Gulu Airfield
  • Mbarara Airfield
  • Semilik Airfield
  • Mweya Airfield
  • Mwenge Airfield
  • Mizizi Airfield
  • Masika Airfield
  • Kalongo Airfield
  • Kinyara Airfield
  • Kisaru Airfield
  • Tilda/Kibimba Airfield
  • Kakira Airfield
  • Kaiso Airfield
  • Ishasha Airfield
  • Kajjansi Airfield
  • Chobe Airfield
  • Bugungu Airfield
  • Ankole Tea Airstrip
  • Bugambe Airfield
  • Adjumani Airfield

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