A 32-year-old Congolese man tied the knot with triplets in the southern Kivu Democratic Republic Of Congo. Their relationship started when one of the triplets had a Facebook chat with this Congolese man for some time. Through the chat, they were able to arrange a visit to the home of the triplets but at this time, the man was only interested in one of the triplets and wasn’t even aware of the other sisters.

In the physical meeting, Natalie who was the first triplet to get in touch with the Congolese man never informed him that they were triplets. In his physical meetings, he kept meeting different people thinking he was interacting with Natalie. Once Natalie broke the news of her being a triplet, the Congolese man obviously wanted to meet the other two triplets only for Natalie to inform him that he had met the other during his former visits.

Since he was already in a relationship with all the three, he went ahead to marry all the three ladies. The Congolese man’s parents disproved of their son marrying all the three triplets but this did not stop their son from moving on with the marriage. The triplets said that it was always their dream never to be separated by anything and since they grew up sharing everything; they would not mind sharing a man.

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