Bobi wine the leader of the National Unity platform formally visited the northern region of Uganda to extend his condolences to the aggrieved. Contrary to the common norm, he didn’t face police resistance on his trip to northern Uganda.

The National Unity Platform president traveled to Gulu to deliver his condolences over the loss of the Rt. Honourable Jacob Oulanyah whose burial took place during a time that Bobi wine had pre-scheduled engagements in Geneva. Upon arrival in Gulu, he was welcome by Acholi Prime minister Rt. Hon. Olaa Ambrose at the Ker Kwaro Acholi.

After visiting Gulu, Bobi Wine proceeded to Omoro in order to extend his condolences to the father of Jacob Oulanyah as well as to lay his wreath on the grave of the fallen speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon Jacob Oulanyah. Though Mzee Nathan Okori the father to the fallen speaker of parliament Jacob Oulanyah welcomed Bobi Wine to his home in the company of the RDC Onyuk Andrew, he rejected the Ugx 200,000 that Bobi Wine and company offered him as condolences. They had also brought him a goat which he also rejected.

It is alleged that Mzee Nathan Okori rejected the money because it was presented in a dishonorable way. They claimed that it was dishonorable for Bobi Wine and company to start collecting the condolence money amidst themselves in the presence of Mzee Nathan Okori showing a lot of unpreparedness to extend their eulogy heart.

Bobi wine came out at his official Twitter account to extend his gratitude to the RDC Onyuk Andrew who accompanied him to extend his condolences to Mzee Nathan Okori. Though he shared the positive responses he got from Gulu, he is still silent about the response he got from Mzee Nathan Okori.

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