All roads lead to the Lugogo cricket oval on Saturday for the first of its kind; Muhoozi’s birthday party. While some people had expected the Muhoozi birthday party to be a closed ceremony open to only those who have been invited, Micheal Nuwagira the chief organizer of the birthday party said that the event is open to the whole public.

The event is likely to be a normal Ugandan concert with a highlight of cutting a birthday cake. Among the artists expected to be present include Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleone. As usual, the event will likely attract a backlash on performing musicians who had not earlier identified as government NRM supporters.

Besides the music performances, the event will be highlighted with other entertainment performances that are yet to be communicated as well as free eats.

Among the expected people to grace, the event includes ministers from the government of Uganda, as well as Muhoozi’s “distant cousins” from the Republic of Rwanda. It should be noted that among the passengers who were onboard during the slide-landing of Rwanda air at Entebbe international airport included visitors from Rwanda who had come specifically for Muhoozi’s birthday party.

It is the first time that Muhoozi Kainerugaba will be publically celebrating his birthday. This raises a number of questions. It would have made sense if this mega birthday celebration was for his 50th birthday. Why is he celebrating his 48th birthday? A lot of questions in that line remain unanswered but one thing stands out, the celebration has come only a few months after Muhoozi declared his interest in the presidency of Uganda.

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