Upon the expiry of face technologies contract, a new body has been established to be in charge of issuing driving licenses (Uganda driving license system). However the system is more of an online system that it was previously. This raises a lot of questions regarding the right procedure for renewing your driving license.

Documents Required

In order to begin the renewal process, you will need the following documents;

  • Original Copy of the expired driving Permit
  • Original Copy of your National Identity card or Original copy of your passport in case you are foreigner or an original copy of your Refugee card for the case of the refugees.
  • Medical form that is duly filled. However unlike other documents, the medical form is sometimes optional.
  • Payment proof (acquired upon payment of the fees)

Driving Permit Renewal Process

Visit the online URA portal to generate the renewal assessment form. You can find the process of generating the renewal access form here

After acquiring the assessment form, you will proceed to the bank to payment according to how many years you wish to renew your permit. UGX 130,000 for one year, UGX 210,000 for 3 years and UGX 310,000 for 5 years. The bank will provide you with the URA account. There is also the option of paying using Airtel money or MTN mobile money.

After acquiring this payment slip, you will carry the stated documents and proceed to Uganda driving license system offices to place in your documents. You will be notified when to pick your renewed license.


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