After a long time, Ugandans have been complaining about the cost of electricity being high, and yet in the country, they are supplying electricity at low costs. many Ugandans are connected to the grid illegally and use power at free cost or fewer costs than the actual amount one is to pay per unit. the electricity supplier incur a lot of costs and get less man from the public

The government has designed a new system to see the way how they can reduce power intruders on the national grid and the policy is to get the vandalism and thieves on high power voltages according to the minister of energy Ruth Nakabilwa, this is the most challenging electricity distributor faces. The number of people using electricity in Uganda is more than those the government has in the records. That means many people are connected to the grid illegally. The total number of customers connected to the national grid is 19% and 38%are connected to other sources of power like solar. the government amending law 50act putting stringent measures to punish people who use electrical materials they steal from the grid-like scraps

Uganda has 8companies in the whole country that supply and distribute electricity to the public and are led by UMEME Ltd a utility distributor, UNECO, Kilembe, UEDCL, Kalangala, Kyegegwa, Abimu padel that helps people to access power easily. according to the research the rural people use electricity of ten thousand per month, they use electricity for lighting, watching TV, charging their phones and for children to read

The new tariffs will be; commercial consumers supplied at 415volts three-phase low voltage not exceeding 100 ampers will be paying Ugx616.6 from Ugx639, Medium commercial consumers three-phase 415volts maximum demand 500kVA will pay Ugx526 fromUGX 556, large industrial consumer 11000voltss or 33000volts. maximum demand exceeding 500kVA but up to Ugx1500kVA will pay Ugx355 from Ugx361,extra-large industrial consumer 11000 or 330000 volts exceeding 500kVA will pay Ugx300.2 from Ugx301.7, the street lights remained at Ugx 370

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