Uganda is one of the greatest places any traveler can ever go to. Millions of people visit the beautiful country to experience the cool climate, mountains raised so high in the clouds, the amazing wildlife, the fine white sand beaches, unique cultures, and landscapes so vast.

Probably on every mention of an African safari, Uganda is immediately considered. A country that furnishes exclusive gorilla safaris, wildlife encounters with some of the world’s most beautiful animals, a proud home of the source of Africa’s longest River; the Nile River, a land of amazing natural wonders is just an excellent place to visit on a vacation.

One of the best ways to explore the awe-inspiring hospitality and tourism attractions at a very low budget is to rent a 4×4 rooftop tent car for the time you are going to be around. This increases the flexibility as you be on your own timetable and not to be held to the schedules of public transport or fixed trip itineraries by tour guides.

However, it’s not that any car rental company can work for everyone’s purpose. Travelers should be very careful when choosing the best car hire services. Many car hire companies are located in Kampala, however, some of them are not professional.

When looking for the best car rental company, don’t look any further than us. A company with high professionalism, integrity, transparency, and the best customer care you won’t ever find anywhere else in Uganda.

We offer personalized services to each of our clients. Our customer care representatives are always ready to listen and offer you the most appropriate car that suits your purposes. We address any concerns raised and answer all questions. We make sure that you leave the company with the exact car that you wanted to ensure your satisfaction and value for money.

We also have a variety of cars for you to choose from, our fleet can never fail. Whether a simple saloon car for just moving around the town or a larger four-wheel-drive vehicle for excursions and safaris in the countryside. Even larger cars like coasters and minibusses for group travel are also available. Our fleet includes tourist vans, Super customs, Prado TX land cruisers, 3-liter land cruisers, Premios, Saloon cars, V8s and so many others.

About our insurance policy, it is a comprehensive one that can cover the clients in case of an accident. So our clients are always protected in case of any uncertainties even if it’s damage to a car while you are driving, the insurance covers it.

When it comes to rates, we have the most affordable prices you will ever find. Yes, it is always wise to first check out the rates of different companies, but our rates are those that won’t even allow you to look anywhere else. We are very honest with our quotes, our clients don’t expect to be asked for money that was not originally stated, and we don’t have hidden charges.

About booking, it is very possible to book our cars online. Because of our professionalism, we allow our clients to reserve cars online especially those that would want them immediately. All that our customers do is to choose the vehicle they want, fill in the full details of the pickup and return dates, place, and payment terms, and get the car delivered.

Still, clients can do last minute booking with us at our offices and we find something for you, we are never failing to our clients.

All our cars are in good condition and are checked thoroughly for any damages before being handed to the clients. Also, our drivers are professional and knowledgeable.

If you ever want to hire a car in Uganda, whether for a guided or self-drive safari in Uganda to explore the country’s wonders, honeymoon safaris, or city tour, we offer the best car rental services in Uganda, regardless of whether it’s self-drive or chauffeur driven rental.

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