As Uganda is trying to rebuild railways’ means of transport, the order for the new 4railway cabin was first seen on the port of Mombasa in two back and now it’s in the country of Uganda, another big deal in Uganda and it is starting very soon. This progress came as a result of the way to curb the accident issue on the road. The contract re-establish back the railway was given to the LDU

According to the government, the procurement was made by the ministry of works and transport on the 1biilion dollar that was given to the ministry to revamp railway transport. this project is very imported to the country Uganda to ease the transportation of the goods and services during the construction of standard gauge railway from Uganda to Kenya.

The minister of works and transport promised to strengthen the Kampala-malaba line so that it can be strong to carry heavy goods from Kenya to Uganda. railway transport is the cheapest means of transporting goods for long-distance

The government of Uganda is planning to restore the 500km railway along the Tororo-Gulu- pakwach line which may cost not less than 1.8trillion to revamp the line

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