During the presidential address on 18th June 2021; Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni the current president of Uganda shared the news of the country’s progress in getting the cure for Covid-19. He said the tests were under way and they had registered some success. In one line of medication that had been tested on 70 people, they registered an 83% success.

Message making rounds on social media

In another line of medication which is herbal (Covidex) was tested on 30 people by then, and it had registered 100% success. Just a few days later, a message started making rounds on social media claiming that the president had cleared Prof. Ogwang to produce Covidex in large quantities.  A number of  pharmacies claimed to have Covidex were shared.

Later on the 23rd of June, the senior Presidential Press Secretary, Linda Nabusayi came out om Twitter to clarify that though the president has offered support to Prof. Ogwang, he has not ordered for the mass production of Covidex. She further said that all medicine in Uganda has to be approved by National Drug Authority

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