According to Nation Breaking News, 31 boxes of fake gold bars have been seized. The boxes were in transit from Swissport Freight station strong room at Jomo Kenya International Airport.

According to the Directorate of Criminal investigations (DCI); the body in charge of criminal investigations in Kenya; the 31 boxes were received from Uganda and had been kept by an unclear businessman who deals in gold and had kept them at the airport. The boxes were awaiting transit to other destinations around the world.

The unsuspecting investors have always been lured to the Swiss Freight station strong room where they would have a look at the gold. After getting convinced that it is real gold, they would proceed with the transaction with a promise of shipping the gold to any destination of their choice around the world.

Unfortunately, the deal went bad when one of the investors suspected that the transaction for the gold seemed to be overboard. On top of the gold payment, It required them to make extra costs including customs and shipping. This marked the beginning of DCI looking into the matter only to find that it was fake gold.


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