These refugees had been living in the Kyangwali refugee camp in Uganda.
Rescue workers in Lake Albert Uganda have so far recovered 107 bodies, 57 are children of Congolese after a boat capsized on Saturday on Lake Albert. It’s so sad that the boat was taking refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo back to their home country when it capsized. It had a capacity to carry only 80 passengers, but up to 250 people were on board, officials said. Boat accidents are common in Uganda because of poor safety standards.
These refugees were currently staying in the Kiryandogo refugee camp, and they were returning to their home country, it’s so sad that they have not managed to reach it.
The boat was one of two which left on Saturday from Uganda’s Hoima district on the eastern side of the lake, which lies on the border with DR Congo.
The boat was carrying refugees who had been living at a camp in Uganda and had decided to return home.
It is said that boats are often overloaded and do not carry life jackets, People are in shock. Uganda’s Refugees Minister Hillary Onek said the police, the military’s marine units, and civilian fishing boats were all involved in rescue operations. “The exact number of passengers onboard has yet to be established,” Mr. Onek said.
The UN high commissioner for refugees Antonio Guterres on hearing the sad news he was deeply shocked by the disaster. This is what he said, “My thoughts are with those who have lost dear ones, and the survivors,” he said in a statement.
“I am grateful to the government and other actors who have mounted a rescue-and-recovery operation and are assisting the survivors.”
The boats were carrying refugees who had been living at a camp in Uganda and had decided to return home

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