With the effect of covid-19, Uganda did not give up with students. the ministry of education and sports organized all the final exams for the final classes and today minister of education and sports Hon Janet Museveni released the s.4 results 2020. the total number of students who sat for UCE where 333,396 candidates in the decreasing number by4,324 by 2019 but all this was caused by the covid-19 effects

some private schools failed to open because of the requirements need to curb covid-19 and were only able to arrange 45.6 percent of the students to sit the final and in government schools where 44.4%.the number of female students where 49.99% and male were 50.01%.this report shows that girlchild education has been promoted in Uganda where it was a difference of 92 male only.11292 of the student’s results were withheld because of malpractice and the investigation will be going on

Hon Janet Museveni advised some government-aided secondary schools who are conducting online registration of the students currently to avoid because the program is not yet official to government selection exercise. The government encourages an e-governance system because of the efficiency in conducting business. Before the government adopts such practices they consider widely the implications of the system on equality of that service to the people of Uganda. for public and government-aided systems remains the same as it has been before covid-19.

last year the government of Uganda was discussing the way to change the curriculum of Uganda system of education in admission and permanent policy as well as high educations policy, these systems were to regulate admissions and placement of students  in the entire education system but the system is under revision so she encourages the public to follow the previous system in enrolling the A-level, high level and university students

The performance improved compared to other years without covid-19. Some of the parents couldn’t risk their children to go to school yet the country was still undergoing covid-effects, they feared their children getting the virus hence reducing the number of the candidates

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