The ministry of education and sports is phasing out the safe way to open the schools again after president Museveni’s order for the closure of all learning institutions for 42days during his national address on 19 July 2021 and the lockdown is ending today.

The government is targeting to adopt a double shift of learning program and is going to start from Refugee camps where the children will study in shifts. after seeing the program’s success, will determine either to open all learning institutions. The aim is half class in the morning to lunchtime then the second class from lunchtime to 5 pm.

The government advises all the teachers to get vaccinated before they start teaching and all students above 18 years should be vaccinated. the parents can not risk giving their children’s to teachers who are not vaccinated because the pandemic is still in the country, even if not all are vaccinated but the highest percentage to be vaccinated the university can open

Some of the students who were caught up by covid are no longer interested in going back to school which is likely to increase the number of the school dropout in the country but the government has introduced a measure of encouraging the children to gain the interest to go back to school when the schools are opened again.

The EU gave Uganda the grant to support the refugee children’s in Uganda, the seven million dollars to support the children with financial problems to return to school. the cash token is mobilized and the amount will depend on what challenges the children have. and these grants will be used to build more schools for the refugees. currently, Uganda is the first country in Africa with the highest number of refugees, Uganda hosts like 1.5million refugees of which 56% are below 18years

About 80,000 refugee children in the different settlements are expected to benefit from these projects, the refugee settlement in Uganda includes Kyaka, kyangwali, Nakibale, Rhino camp Nakivale

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