For so many years now, Journalists and Musicians have had and continue to have a relationship that is on and off, Marred by accusations and counter accusations form both sides but also, there has been some appreciation on some occasions.

There are so many Musicians in Uganda, both talented  and not, Singing all sorts of Music genres and like wise, there are so many Journalists in Uganda, both Professional  and Unprofessional, Presenting various shows. However, as Musicians sing and as Journalists do their work, both of these people have continued to accuse themselves of Malice, Intrigue, Hatred, and lack of respect and appreciation, with the biggest Cry coming from Musicians and being directed towards Journalists.

Let’s look at it this way, Journalists write news about so many things including Music, they are the ones who play the Music on TV and Radio, they are the ones who review Music in the Newspapers and it is through Media that Music is promoted – I mean, a song has to be played on TV and radio for it to be known. Therefore, the media is so very pivotal in supporting Music. You want your song to be played, you definitely  need the media. However, in doing their work, some Journalists  have overtime involved deceit, Malice and Defamation, which has annoyed Musicians to the extents  of involving first fights with these Journalists.

Musicians on the other hand are the ones who make the music, they are the ones who sustain, Television  and Radio Music shows, and are the ones who are the very popular figures. Often  times, they have been mocked by journalists for producing  lackluster Music, being I’ll mannered and not appreciating Journalists who promote them and their Music when they are still new in the industry.

Incidents When Musicians have fought with Journalists.

At the peak of her career in 2014, With her Popular TV gossip show dubbed “SQOOP ON SQOOP,”  On URBAN TV, Mary Luswata demeaned  so many Musicians to the extent that many were baying for her blood. Singer Gravity Omutujju even composed a diss Song called “Luswata” in which he called her all sorts of names. There was even a rumour that Vision Group even gave her bouncers to protect her from being thumped by angry Musicians.

Just before his “Sitya Loss” concert, BET Award winner – Eddy Kenzo gave Dembe FM show host, Kasuku a beating of his life at a Press Conference in Centenary Park, for allegedly saying wrong things about him on air.

In 2018, while at Catherine Kusasira’s Introduction  ceremony in Luwero, Dr. Jose Chameleon Punched and abused veteran Bukedde TV “Olugambo” Presenter Josephat  Seguya for allegedly spreading false news about the Leon island Boss. Chameleon  later apologised to Seguya but the beating had already been done.

Celebrated “Soul” Singer Maurice Kirya openly told journalists that even if they don’t play his music, it is fine they don’t feed him. This came form a point of anger from rude stories written about him.

Swangz Avenue Songstress Winfred Nakanwagi AKA Winnie Nwagi slapped, punched and broke a journalist’s  phone for allegedly taking pictures of her “Sensitive Parts” while at a show in Lugogo. She also abused a journalist from Daily Monitor who called her for an interview.

Quite recently, Singer Omulangira ssuuna, dragged NBS / SANYUKA TV UNCUT Presenter Kayz to kitalya Prison for spreading lies about him. The list is endless.

However, many times, Journalists, are in good terms with Musicians, they cover their shows, Musicians invite influential  journalists to attend their shows for free etc.

When TV and radio presenters organise Parties  such as Douglas  Lwanga’s Famous “Purple Party,””Enkuuka” of CBS  FM, Galaxy Fm’s “zzina Fest” etc it is the Musicians that sing and Make crowds happy.

In conclusion  therefore, the relationship  between Journalists and musicians here can be made better by respecting everyone’s  work because Journalists  need Musicians and the reverse is true. God bless.


By Vincent Sserunkuma

A Professional teacher and Writer.

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