Every now and then; the entry restrictions in the different countries have been changing. Due to covid-19; Rwanda stopped all flights from Uganda in June 2021. Every country seems to be taking strict procedures to ensure that the health of their Citizens is put on the forefront amidst the relaxing of the travel restrictions.

Previously, all you need was a negative PCR test certificate to enter Uganda. It was only people from category 2 countries that were subjected to a covid-19 test upon arrival in Uganda. Unfortunately, the new guidelines seem to overlook anything to do with categories; all travelers will be treated the same way regardless of their vaccination status or where they are coming from.

Whether you are fully vaccinated or not; you are required to undergo a PCR test upon arrival in Uganda on your own bill. However much there is a reason for this new guideline, it is quite illogical to many people since there is no respect of whether you are vaccinated or not.

The new guidelines are meant to commence on 3rd September. Unfortunately, it has been perceived as something that was made in bad faith only focusing on milking money out of travelers while hiding behind safety.

Uganda is not the only country with a covid-19 test upon arrival however other countries only have this guideline based on the category of the country you are coming from and your vaccination status

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