Kurt Zouma a Westham United defender was seen in a viral video kicking and slapping his pet cat and chasing it around his 2 million pounds mansion. After the video backlash, the french international apologized for his actions highlighting that his behaviour was inexcusable thus he sincerely regrets it.

He also apologized to anyone who was upset about the violence in the video but assured them that his two cats are perfectly fine and healthy. He said that what was seen in the video is an isolated incident that actually will never happen again. He said that his cats are loved and cherished by their entire family.

In response to this incident; Westham United has slummed two weeks’ fines worth £250k on Zouma. The £250k will be donated to animal welfare charities. However, besides the Westham United fines, Addidas has dropped Hurt Zouma. He is no longer an Adidas contracted athlete.


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