Busoga sub-region has a total of about 21 tertiary institutions. Among these includes two major universities; Nsaka University in Jinja and Busoga University in Iganga. Of all these institutions; Busoga University is the biggest University in the Busoga sub-region leaving alone the branches of the Kampala-based universities.

In the recent past, the university has been grappling with a 15 billion Uganda shillings debt. After a series of meetings, the president has declared today via his Twitter account that the government will take over Busoga university as a government institution.

Regarding the debt, the government promised to clear it only if there is a clear expenditure of the 15 billion Uganda shillings on issues of public interest. It is still unclear how the government will navigate the issue of the 15 billion Uganda shillings in case it turns out that some of the money was not spent of issues of public interest


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