Uganda members of parliament are entitled to receive 200m Uganda shilling as the constitution guides the parliament to ease the movement of MPs to their consultancy to deliver service to the people. this money was approved and sent to their accounts on Tuesday according to the director of communication at parliament Mr.Chris Obore. this is done normally once in a term of a legislator and this is to be done publically not secretly. each legislator can buy a car of their choice and they not accounted for that money at the end of the term

The Ugandan parliament by 2021have 529legislators and each one is entitled to receive a car from the government. this 11th parliament is the one with a large number of legislators in the history of Uganda now. they are supposed to be in power for five years that means their term will end in 2026. this occasion has been taking place throughout with the previous legislators.

As the government is trying to get money to buy the vaccine to vaccinate the citizen, very many people were not happy with the decision made by the was better for this money to be used to curb the pandemic because the economy is struggling through the covid-19. A few weeks back the government was forced to reallocate more funds to some ministries like the ministry of health and other departments that are trying to help in fighting the covid 19. the government was forced to impose the lockdown so that to reduce the spread of covid-19

Besides the shs200million, the MPs are entitled to receive a salary of 6.1million, fuel allowance of 10.3 to 31million per month. constituency support fee of 17million, town running fee of 1.945million.these constituency funds exclude the ex-officials and ministers who don’t represent ant constituency. the fuel allowance is located depending on the legislator constituency location, legislators very far from the parliament are given more allowance on fuel for the distance they cover compared to the people around the central region, the rest of the MPs who gets the highest mileage are those representing the national level like workers MPs, UPDF, PWDs, and youth representatives

According to some Ugandans, they kept on saying this was not the right time to release the money by the ministry of finance to the member of parliament in the period where the country is trying to raise the money to support the country in fighting the covid-19. But other members of parliament say it was the right time for the money because the MPs to are playing a big role in fighting against Covid-19 and the vehicles were needed to facilitate the parliamentary work because a country can not make suggestions and progress without our parliament and stakeholders. This issue is not related to covid-19 but some people have a bad attitude towards the MPs and the way government spends money. They have to be paid for their service to the country and have to be facilitated to deliver services to the people. they get daily involved in the community to guide them on covid-19 than many of us because we trusted them to represent us

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