4 October 2022

Dear Valued Partner

We do hope that you are safe and well.

In March 2021, Massmart, the owner of Game retail store in Uganda announced that following a review of Its Game store portfolio in East and West Africa it was exploring the Idea that store Performance might improve under the management of investors and entrepreneurs with a better understanding of local market conditions.

As a result, Massmart, together with the Game management team, initiated a process over a 12-month period to investigate, as a preferred option, the opportunity to sell our store In Uganda to local Investors Unfortunately, this Initiative has not yielded meaningful results.

One possible way forward is now to consider closing our Garne store in Uganda and we have therefore initiated potential store closure consultations with our staff members in the potentially affected stores.

From the very beginning of the process to explore alternative options for our store in Uganda we have been firmly committed, regardless of the decision taken, to honor our obligations to our staff members, customers and business partners, and we would Like to assure you that this remains the case.

Our present focus is to ensure a transparent consultation process with our staff members and their representatives, after which we will update you on the agreed next steps. It is difficult to anticipate timing of the consultation process, but please be assured that we will revert to you as soon as we have collective clarity on the way forward.

You can, In the Interim, contact me directly on NevilleHa@mdd.co.za to the extent that you have further queries.
Best regards,
Vice President of Merchandise: Game

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