General Muhoozi Kainerugaba the former commander of Uganda land forces has been on a vocal rampage on social media. His political utterances have attracted mixed reaction not only from the Ugandan public but also internationally.

The certified Twitter general’s tweets were at first welcomed by a few since they are echoed in support of what the aspiring prime minister of Italy had said about France; labeling it as an opportunist that benefits from Africa instead of empowering it.

Later no, General Muhoozi attacked HE Bobi wine; the leader of the national unity platform claiming that he would not fear an election against him. He also claimed that Bobi Wine will never become the president of Uganda. His vocalized attack on Bobi Wine was never responded to by Bobi Wine at any point.

In his continuous obsession with Tweeting, he  made statements against Uganda’s neighbors Kenya which to some were too controversial to come from a commander of Land forces.  Below are the rest of the controversial tweets that Muhoozi has made in the last 3 days

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