After Cristiano Ronaldo’s controversial interview with Television host and international journalist Piers Morgan, it was clear that Manchester United had no plans to continue with Cristiano Ronaldo in their team come January 2023.

In fact barely a week after the interview, Cristiano Ronaldo’s sticker photo was pulled down from old Trafford. Manchester United also promised to issue an official statement dealing with allegations posed by Cristiano Ronaldo after settling their issues officially. Here is the statement from Manchester United.

Shortly after Piers Morgan’s interview with Cristiano Ronaldo, there were Cristiano Ronaldo transfer speculations relating to Bayern Munich however the German giant distanced itself from the allegations.

Ac Roma director Tiago Pinto also distanced himself from Cristiano Ronaldo’s possible transfer to AC Roma. He said there was nothing concrete apart from the rumors which might have been sparked by the fact that Tiago is Portuguese as well asĀ  Ronaldo’s former boss Mourinho who is currently in charge of AC Roma.

The most important thing to note according to Piers Morgan’s interview with Cristiano Ronaldo is the fact that he will simply head into retirement if he wins the world cup. Therefore all the transfer speculations are only valid as long as Portugal does not win the world cup.

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