In a recent interview with one of the Serena-based television stations; Dr. Jose Chameleon made his submissions about his meeting with Salim Sale which Bobi Wine referred to as certified beggary. In his response, Dr. Jose Chameloen said that Bobi Wine is entitled to his opinion.

But he urged Bobi wine to understand that; “music is not Bobi wine”, “music is not politics and politics is not music”. He told him that not everything from music is political and no man is an Island. Dr. Jose Chameleon said that he met Mr. Salim Sale out of respect for him as an elder in the country. He could not turn down a summoning by an elder. He also said the reason he called upon other people to go with him was to avoid the rumors that would come up if he met Mr. Sale alone.

He asked Bobi Wine to continue fighting for a new Uganda as for him he continues to fight for the music industry. Just like Bobi Wine went around begging Ugandans for votes, it is no crime for them to seek help as musicians.

Regarding the musicians that were stopped from accessing the meeting premises in Gulu, he said that this was due to the covid-19 gathering restrictions which required them to only a limited number of people.

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