Judith Babirye; one of the main gospel music icons in Uganda had been off the public scene for a couple of years now. She was last seen in the public space after her controversial second marriage to a gentleman who already had marital relations with one Lukia Ntale. However, the second marriage didn’t last.

Yesterday, she came out on her Youtube channel with an appeal for forgiveness from all those that were affected by his divorce decision as well as her second marriage. She sent her humble appeal to the body of Christ around the world, the people who were looking up to her as a role model, the church in Uganda, the pastors, and Lukia Ntale the wife to the gentleman Judith Babirye got married to in the second marriage.

She also sent a vote of thanks to everyone that took time to pray for her, those who fasted, those who slept on the floor for her sake, and those who stood in the cold nights to pray for her. She referenced the story of Ezekiel saying that if someone had not been in the gap to pray for her, probably she wouldn’t have repented.

It should be noted that after Judith Babirye’s second marriage, she left the country for Canada. For all this time, she has been living in Canada. She said that she had never had an opportunity to pray and fast like the one she had in Canada. It was during the continuous prayer that she found mercy before God. However, after coming to terms with God, she was instructed by God to apologize to all the people that were affected by her marriage decisions.

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