Cafe Javas has issued a press release in response to the trending story that has been making rounds on social media based on claims from one of the cafe javas customers who shared a video having a little dead rat at the bottom of the cafe javas milkshake cup.

Before midday, Cafe Javas has come out with a press statement distancing itself from serving their customer with a milkshake that had a little rat. In their statement, they said that based on their CCTV cameras; there was no way a rat could be found in their milkshake. Below is the press release in detail;


A false story circulating in some sections of social media has been brought to our
attention. We would like to provide a true account of events based on information
from our staff and CCTV footage to our esteemed customers and the public.

On Tuesday 24th August 2021 at approximately 2:46 pm, two customers ordered for
oreo and caramel milkshakes to take away. The two orders were prepared following our
usual high standard protocols of food safety and hygiene duly overseen by our
supervisors before delivery to the customers all in view of our closely monitored
CCTV cameras.

A day later, we were surprised to learn from the customers that, one of the milkshakes
contained vermin. Whereas our managers conveyed the impossibility of adulteration
since the process of milkshake preparation involves blending, such that no vermin or
other solid object could remain in the cup unblended, they nonetheless informed the
customers that their allegations had to be verified. A quick investigation including a
review of our CCTV footage of the preparation and service of the milkshake
confirmed that there was no adulteration of the milkshake. The customer was duly
informed of the findings to which she reacted by threatening to circulate a video of
her version of events if she was not paid a certain sum of money.

On viewing the video making rounds on sections of social media and in addition to our
independent investigations, it is our considered opinion that these claims are in bad
faith, untrue, malicious, and intended to bring our business into disrepute. The
circulation of the malicious video has further led to a distortion of our logo.

CJ’s has painstakingly built goodwill and reputation over the years and where errors
genuinely happen, we own up and take full responsibility. However, in this particular
incident, there was no error on our part, either in preparation, presentation, or serving
of the milkshakes. It is, therefore, unacceptable for one to tarnish our otherwise good
image and undermine the hard work and dedication of our staff.

We take this opportunity to reassure our esteemed customers and the public that we
observe the highest standards in food preparation and service, which has enabled us to
be consistently recognized for excellence. CJ’s remains committed to providing you
with great food, great coffee, great service, and an experience that will make your
time with us fabulous and memorable.


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