It was a Sunday evening at exactly 17:06 on the 11th of December 2022 that a notification popped on my phone reading; “You are invited to work with your mobile phone and earn 62,200 UGX every day. For details, please click the Whatsapp link to contact us: (WhatsApp link)”

At first, I ignored the message but about 30 minutes later, I clicked the link, which led me to a WhatsApp chat with a UK-based contact number; +44 7518472609. I sent a “hi” message and here are the screenshot of our chat

Here; he was asking me to install the App but unfortunately, you cannot install their App on iOS. Upon realizing that, he deleted the messages and asked me to trade using their website.

Down here, he shares how I can make my first deposit using mobile money

I asked him whether he was the person in the profile picture to which he said yes. But remember he introduced himself as Elina. The profile picture he claimed to be a portrait representation of Elina is actually one of the photos of a model called Marina Bondarko.

Other Photos of Marina Bandarko

Century Ranch: Scam or Legit

After this long chat, I can easily conclude that this is a scam similar to BLQ. A few people can benefit from it but very soon it will close abruptly. What caught my eye was the fact that they use local telecom operators to send for them SMS texts. The one I received read GWSMS.

Another issue that caught my eye was the fact that this time round, the phone numbers receiving the money are visible.

The MTN contact through which Century Ranch receives money is the name of Mariam Kwagala. It is not clear whether Mariam is associated with this click of scammers but what is clear, is the fact that MTN deposits are made on her number. The Century Ranch airtel contact read Patrick Tibahwa. It is also not clear whether he is one of the people behind this scam but what is clear is the fact that he receives airtel money deposits on behalf of Century Ranch.

108 thoughts on “Century Ranch Scam or Legit?”
    1. I petty those foolish official for miss use of internet communications, Ugandans are being scammed every day but say Stupid government officials they will follow immediately, very silly 😏

    1. The legit company is plcu currently working worldwide under blockchain technology u don’t need to send your cash to anyone

          1. Me I didn’t know immediately I joined the group, and I started working with them. At first I withdrawn money as they say and I received it but I was little so it was to attack me to feel that it was real. Munange I continued, then time came when I want another withdraw, after few days ago I withdrawn 70,000ugshs from my account but I waited until I got tired. After awhile of time, I send again chat message on my consultant but she told me that their data have been got peers tampered, so they lost people’s account data so their working hard so that they unlock it to normal. So I have to recharge 100,000 to make bank approval and they maintain my account back to normal. Then I replied that I have no money right now cause its not my mistake. So she replied that if there no money I have to wait for 1month to unblock all accounts to normal automatically. But what I realized that I was already burned. Banange. If u want to join chess away that idea from your decisions.

  1. The most prominent red flag for online scam businesses is, they promise what they can’t deliver. Their return on investment is very high

    1. The only legit online platforms are
      1.ROYAL Q
      These are robot companies which you buy and connect them to your exchanger like Binance, Huobi, Kucoin etc! No scam here bcoz you don’t deposit your capital on these platforms, your capital and profits made by the robots remain on your exchanger account and you can withdraw at any time. If you want to know more about these robots and how they work you can WhatsApp me on +256702845537

      1. I really thank you for that review such great work of enabling Ugandans not to be summed. But any legit opportunity u come across u can tap on me.

      2. If true tell me now if it’s still working
        The way these pipo stole my money
        Only if I had a chance to purnish them simanyi Oba what would I do to them

    1. I made withdrawals for short term investment plan for some cow 1,2 and I am waiting for cow7 for two months but I am left with 41 days. Risk taking comes up with a reward of any form

      1. You will keep counting thise days bro until u give up.they give out money for only cow 1 and 2 and beyond that excuse will start coming up tht there account were being hacked if u go on complaining ur account will be banned.

          1. Complaints have started coming up not only from you.
            Those of us who started earlier have managed to earn and recover wht we invested but if any one now tries to deposit money do it at ur own risk. You will wait until the second coming of Jesus christ. While the customer service will keep telling you to be patient.,wait.
            And If u over complain u will loose access to your account.
            So what else do you need to open ur eyes about this scamming platform

        1. Oh sorry Zamu. Please don’t give up and keep on following up with customer service and I believe they will send it to your account.

        2. Good evening my sister zamu? Have you finally received your money ? Or still a challenge to receive. May be the institution payment has a system challenge or changed the rules for payment. Please update me ASAP. Let’s share ideas, challenges and lessons learnt

          1. Personally I’ve also not received my money even after withdraw. I contacted their service center several times,. But they keep giving u blank statements Saying the paying institution has changed the rules but we are working on it. What exactly is happening

          2. For me now one week I failed to receive my money. I don’t know what else to do

  2. I really don’t like those who have not tried it and judge the true or false by guessing. Many people lack the courage to try and listen to the false judgments of others. I really made a lot of money from it, and it lasted for more than three months.

    1. It closed I have tried to open the app but it shows nothing and the Web page is not available. I’ve tried customer care but nothing. I wanted to withdraw today🙁

  3. It’s important always to invest what you can afford to lose with this apps .
    I also bought cows there. But what I know anything can happen at any time 😉🙂

  4. Century ranch is legit I personally I have withdraw three times from that platform and I will be getting my fourth withdraw in few days don’t say it’s a scum when you have never tried to invest in even a single cow1, wama I recommend you century ranch app, you will thank me later

    1. It’s a scam, I tried it you can withdraw small money, cow 1,2 but others above 100000 you can’t. It’s like being trapped to invest in higher levels please be carefully

      1. You are right.
        But even Ugandans can be fooled easily. Look at the ways you deposit and receive money by local network system. By law the maximum transaction through mobile money is 5.M so can someone tell me how can you receive more than 5.M incase u just made that withdraw and how can they transact that to ur mobile money account. If you didn’t see that coming u r now crying.
        If there wasn’t any bank involved that was enough to show you that these pipo were upto a certain number of pipp and amount of money to be collected. So if u have earned well and good if u have not yet. U would rather uninstall the app.

  5. Man thank you very much you deserve a reward because I was nearly starting but I was pretty scared thanks man you save my money.

  6. Scam or not, i just withdrew my ka 2.5m a few hrs ago…
    You better risk with little and witness it yourself.
    collapsing is very possible any time but atleast when you have made some business with them.

    1. Very True brother. It’s better to invest than contemplating yet time is money. Since this YouTube video we are withdrawing money from this platform -century We shall continue to enjoy until it collapses.

  7. I don’t get y some pipo r really not earning am using the money there to pay my mum z hospital treatment n also am gonna use the one am getting today for her surgery I really think this came to help me🥰🥰

    1. scums pliz don’t try this I invested and at first I earned but today as I was to earn alot they hv said I hv to wait for oneonth so dat they unblock my account or I invest more 200000 pliz don’t be scumed spread this so dat they can be stopped pliz save pipo

  8. It’s actually legit. Just got mine after 2 withdraws. Though it takes some time (2 days for my case)

  9. I have been banned for asking why my withdraw of 500000 took long, at first customer care asked to deposit 200k for verification which I did but now am banned

  10. Scam it is a big SCAM people stay away save your money. Personally I was scammed 1.2m and account was banned

  11. Me i was told to top up 200000 for verification , and after sending , she told me that i have to wait for 7days, i don’t know whather i will succeed or not for far 5days but no any response

  12. And people we should organise incase if these people are planning to rob us , we make whatsapp group and we track the owners of those phone numbers coz those ugandan numbers for conspiring with those to steal our money , let us share through whatsapp no0783513192

  13. Yes that’s what they ask for….
    I hear verify ur account by topping some certain amount of money usually 100k if ur investment is high

  14. It closed I have tried to open the app but it shows nothing and the Web page is not available. I’ve tried customer care but nothing. I wanted to withdraw today🙁

  15. I played a game of fishing with these scammers, I bait and sprint the biggest catch, when I last deposited in February, I started seeing faults that very time, there was a problem with amount delivered in my investment account, so what I did I withdrew all the amount I had initiated for deposit through cash back by MTN. Since that day, I can’t even access the website and it keeps telling me webpage not available, at least I was able to get back all my investments and some profits.
    I don’t trust any online tingle again.

  16. just received an SMS alert from GWSMS and i had to first make research about it before clicking on the link provided. am glad i found this article. Thank you, i have deleted the damn text.

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