In response to escalating unrest in New Caledonia, France has taken decisive action by deploying troops, implementing a curfew, and banning TikTok in the riot-torn Pacific territory.

Attal stated, “Soldiers from the armed forces have been deployed to secure the New Caledonia ports and the airport.” The decision to send military personnel came after the territory’s High Commissioner, Louis Le Franc, urgently requested assistance to quell the disturbances.

Furthermore, to control the dissemination of potentially inflammatory content, the High Commissioner has taken the drastic step of instituting a curfew and prohibiting the use of TikTok, a popular social media platform.

The unrest in New Caledonia has been brewing for some time, fueled by a complex interplay of political, economic, and social factors. The territory, located in the South Pacific, has a history of tensions between its indigenous Kanak population and descendants of European settlers.

Recent protests and demonstrations have escalated into violence, prompting the French government to intervene in an attempt to restore order and ensure the safety of residents and visitors alike.

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