Ugandan authorities have secured the release of at least 26 citizens who were previously held captive by rebel groups in Myanmar. The deputy national coordinator for Prevention of Human Trafficking, Derrick Basalirwa, confirmed this during a press briefing in Kampala.

Basalirwa reported that the rescued individuals are currently awaiting repatriation back to Uganda. These efforts follow earlier interventions that facilitated the return of 21 Ugandans since the situation first came to light in January 2023.

The Ugandan government, in collaboration with civil society organizations and partner nations under the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), played a crucial role in securing the release. Uganda currently holds the chairmanship of NAM.

Suspected Trafficker Apprehended

In a separate development, Ugandan authorities arrested a suspected human trafficker believed to be linked to the case. The suspect, identified as Edith Mukisa, was apprehended upon her return to Uganda on April 27th.

Derrick Basalirwa expressed hope that investigations involving Mukisa would commence upon the return of the rescued Ugandans.

Efforts Continue to Address Human Trafficking

This successful operation highlights Uganda’s commitment to combating human trafficking. It also serves as a positive step towards bringing those responsible to justice.

Basalirwa’s statement included a reminder that over 290 Ugandans remain in vulnerable situations across India, Egypt, and Myanmar, as reported by the Minister of State in charge of regional affairs in February 2024. Ugandan authorities are likely to continue their efforts to ensure the safety and repatriation of these citizens.

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