Barely three weeks after the government of Uganda steered clear on issues of licensing capital chicken, the company has finally closed leaving many Ugandans stranded on what to do next. However, this begs the question, if the government was aware of this mega scam why did they simply issue a press release instead of arresting the people in charge?

As per the laws governing this land, Capital Chicken was operating in Uganda illegally. But instead of the government taking action by arresting the people in charge, the government instead issued a press release. They did not take any extra action which fits the warning we issued in March this year.

Unlike the former scams, Capital Chicken is not only due to government negligence but also the private sector in this country. They had publicity on NBS television, Salt Media, Dream TV, BBS TV, Spark TV, Galaxy, Bukedde TV among several others.

Many people considered them to be trustworthy because they were featured on these respectable media houses.  Unlike other scams that were mainly advertised peer to peer through social media platforms; Capital Chicken was able to penetrate the mainstream media. The same media houses that tend to ask heated questions during political interviews, could not hold serious scrutiny in their interviews to unmask this fraud.

Given the fact that this is a unique scam with many respectable players. Many people are waiting to hear what the government or responsible agencies are going to do about it. Will they be held liable for furthering malicious information? Will there be a massive case in court to hold the responsible people accountable?

Similar to many scams that go on in this country, people open company bank accounts with traceable identity documents. But once they acquire their loot, even the police cannot help. They simply toss you to and fro until you lose interest in following up on your money.

Many tour operators in Uganda have fallen victim to what is known as “Man in the Middle attacks”. But even in instances where the accounts had to be frozen due to suspicion, the owners of the accounts were actually able to withdraw money from their accounts though red flags had already been raised.

With such a background, we are waiting to see how Stanbic Bank and Housing Finance Bank go about this matter. Money cannot merely disappear unless it was withdrawn over a money ago. It was very clear that the government had issued a press release which in our little understanding of legal matters would require the banks to act accordingly.

People have been depositing money in capital chicken accounts. If the police plan to issue a proper statement, then it should inform people about what it has done with the capital chicken accounts in Uganda.

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