Uganda is a country of immense natural beauty that offers a wealth of exciting experiences to visitors. From the breathtaking landscapes to the vibrant city life, Uganda truly has something for everyone.

Whether you are planning a safari adventure, a business trip, or a leisurely holiday, renting a car in Uganda can be a convenient and practical way to explore this East African nation. In this article; we present you a comprehensive list of car rental agencies in Uganda.

However, it is important to note that not every agency that makes it on this list is licensed or verified. We simply compiled a list of Uganda-based car rental agencies based on Google searches. Those that do not have websites were got from the directory of registered companies in Uganda.

The ones with websites, offer a variety of vehicles for rent, from 4x4s and SUVs to minibusses and sedans, catering to a range of travel needs and budgets.

So if you are planning a trip to Uganda and require a reliable rental car, not all the companies listed here are reliable. We recommend you do due diligence to confirm that you are not dealing with scammers. Check out their reviews, check the URSB company directory, and check whether they are members of any tourism associations. By taking these steps, you will be able to sieve out scammers from real operators.

Check out our guide for reliable car rental agencies. We also have an article here for the best car rental agencies in Uganda. Without any further due, here is the list of car rental agencies in Uganda. We shall give you the top ten and the others list:

List Of Car Hire Companies in Uganda

When we checked the Uganda company registration directory; Avis Uganda, Hertz Uganda, and Europcar Uganda were not registered in Uganda even though they are multinationals. It is important to note that this is simply based on the online directory of registered businesses. It is not conclusive.

There was once a registered company called Europcar Uganda Ltd but it changed to Intercar Uganda Ltd

1. Road Trip to Africa

This is one of the pioneer self-drive car rental agencies in Uganda. It is a licensed company with a wide range of vehicles in its fleet. They also operate outside of Uganda.

2. 4×4 Uganda

4x4uganda is also a reliable self-drive car rental agency. You can check out their trip advisor and google reviews. They excellent services. We were able to check with the URSB directory and we found that they are a registered company in Uganda.

3. Self Drive Uganda

Self-drive Uganda is also a reliable car rental agency according to trip advisor. They are also a registered company according to the online URSB directory.

4. Car Hire Uganda

We checked out their trip advisor and Google reviews. They are a reliable car rental agency too. We also checked with the online URSB directory and they are a registered company. They work hand in hand with Car Rental Uganda.

5. Car Rental Uganda

Car Rental Uganda is also a registered company according to the Uganda registration service Bureau. They are a reliable car rental agency according to TripAdvisor reviews and Google reviews.

Other Registered Car Rental Agencies in Uganda According To URSB

6. CK Car Rental

7. JF Car Rentals Ltd

8. K & K Car Rentals Ltd

9. B & B Car Rentals Ltd

10. Car Rentals Africa Ltd CRAL

11. Car Rentals And Safaris (U) Limited

12. Green Car Hire Limited

13. Dallas Car Hire Ltd

14. TJM Car Hire Limited

15. Grace Car Hire

16. Unique Car Hire

17. Unik Car Hire

18. Nelly’s Car Hire

19. Royal Car Hire

20. Car Hire And Rental Solutions

21. Eyalama Adventures

22. Auto Rental Safaris

23. Uganda Adventure Safariz and Car Rental

24. Sam Car Rentals Ltd

25. Your Drive Uganda

26. Drive Uganda

27. C&A Rent A Car Limited

28. Rent A Car Logistics

29. Rhino Car Rentals

30. Ark Car Rentals

31. Omega Car Rentals

Registered But Expired/ Overdue Car Rental Agencies In Uganda

32. Self Drive Rental

33. 4×4 Car Hire Uganda

34. Go Further 4×4 Car Rentals

35. Pearl Car Rental

36. Ivory Car hire

37. Shadu Car hire

38. Laba Africa Expeditions

39. Self Drive And Campers

Other Car Rental Agencies in Uganda

Some of the companies below might be registered companies but we were not able to prove that through the Uganda registration service bureau directory. You can visit the directory website here to double-check whether the company is listed among those that are registered in Uganda.

  1. Thrifty Car Rental Uganda
  2. Kampala Car Rentals
  3. Uganda Car Rental Services
  4. Crystal Car Rentals Uganda
  5. Sixt Uganda
  6. Zoom Rent A Car Uganda
  7. Crystal Car Rentals Uganda
  8. Rent A Car Uganda
  9. Entebbe Car Rental Services
  10. Auto Rental Uganda
  11. Crown Tours and Car Hire
  12. Car Hire in Uganda
  13. Kigere Tours and Car Hire
  14. City Rent A Car
  15. Car Rental in Uganda
  16. Uganda Self Drive
  17. Drive Uganda Car Rental
  18. Auto Rental Uganda
  19. Rent A Drive Uganda
  20. Karibu Car Rental Uganda
  21. Uganda Car Rental
  22. Rental Cars Uganda
  23. Drive East Africa Uganda
  24. Safari Car Hire Uganda
  25. Visions Car Hire Uganda
  26. Crown Tours and Car Hire
  27. Uganda Self Drive
  28. 4×4 Rentals Uganda
  29. City Rent A Car
  30. Uganda Car Rentals
  31. DK Rent a Car Uganda
  32. 4×4 drive Uganda
  33. Car Hire Express
  34. 4×4 Car Hire Uganda
  35. Bright Safaris Uganda
  36. 4x4uganda Car Rentals
  37. Self Drive 4x4uganda
  38. 4×4 Car Hire Kampala
  39. Hire cars Uganda
  40. Best Car Hire Uganda
  41. 4×4 Car Rentals
  42. Rent Car Uganda
  43. Expedient Car Hire Kampala Uganda
  44. Kampala Car Hire
  45. Uganda Car Rental Deal
  46. 4×4 Uganda Car Hire
  47. Pearl Car Hire Uganda
  48. Kampala car rental services
  49. Self drive in Uganda
  50. African Rental
  51. Cars Uganda
  52. 4×4 Self drive Uganda
  53. Self Drive 4x4uganda
  54. Car Hire Entebbe
  55. 4×4 rental cars Uganda
  56. Cheap Car Hire Uganda
  57. 4×4 Car Rental Uganda
  58. Car Rent Uganda
  59. FK Car Rentals Uganda
  60. Self Drive Car Hire Rentals Uganda
  61. Rent A Driver Uganda
  62. Uganda Car Hire
  63. Rent A Car Entebbe
  64. Budget Car Rental Uganda
  65. Uganda rental cars
  66. 4x4uganda Self drive

This is a comprehensive list of Car rental companies in Uganda however, we believe we left out some car rental agencies in Uganda. You can use our comment section to add any other car rental agency you know of in Uganda but was not included on this list.


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  1. I have noted that Techsys Autos – Uganda Car Hire was not included in the list which I think is an oversight. Otherwise thank you for the writeup.

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