Watching movies is one way several people around the world spend their Christmas. But sometimes they run of movie options to fit the Christmas category. While many of the local television stations focus on play and replaying home-alone movies from way back then; there several other Christian movies that you may consider for your Christmas.
There are not the best Christmas movies ever, but they are worth a try for your time for a Christmas special highlight. Below are the 7 Christian movies that can spice up your Christmas.

1.The Star

The star

The star was produced by Columbia Pictures. It is a must-watch for families since it fits all ages because it falls in the animation genre. Though most of the stories about Christmas often rotate around Joseph and Mary; this one rotates around the animal’s perspective in the story.

2.Chasing the star

The movie is based on the Christmas story rooted in the gospel according to Matthew of the three wise men who traveled from the East to bring gifts unto the newly born baby Jesus.

3.The Preachers Wife

The Preachers Wife

This is one of the Christmas classics of the 1990s. The story mainly rotates around the preacher, his wife (the late whiney Houston), and the great Denzel Washington. The movie has a highly interactive plot though more of a love story with a twist.

4.Christmas on Salvation Street

This is a wonderful movie for those whose hearts burn for “winning souls”. The movie rotates around a pastor and his daughters who try an attempt to re-establish the true meaning of the Christmas story in the community.

5. The Nativity Story

The nativity story is one of the most recommended Christmas movies. It attempts to portray the purpose and the story of the Christmas story

6. The Heart Of Christmas

The heart of Christmas is a touching Christmas story about a child battling cancer whose Christmas comes early before Christmas time. The family chooses to celebrate the last Christmas for the child since it was believed he couldn’t make it to the real Christmas day

7. Polar Express

It is one of the cool animations to try out though it is not really based on the real Christian Christmas story. The movie is inspired by a young boy’s desire to meet Santa Claus

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