In an era of rage and political correctness, it is very likely that you will get caught up in a heated argument of contrary views on any given matter. Social media exposes us to a lot of information not only from our near circles but also around the world. In the process of interacting with the information out there, many people fight themselves in verbal fights and rage-filled exchanges that could be avoided if you consider the following tips.

Act like you are speaking to a stranger

Once you pick an interest in any social media post whether on Facebook, Twitter or a WhatsApp group, or any social media platform where views are exchanged, always remind yourself that you are speaking to strangers. Do not at any point assume that you know the people you are talking to.

These people might be incapable of understanding even a simple concept but because you assume they can, you might end up wasting your time trying to explain it to someone who does not carry the capacity to understand. In due process, you will end up in two camps of fanatics trying to protect your ground.

In order to avoid such situations, always remind yourself that you are speaking to a stranger, who could be having a psychological problem or totally misinformed but wishes to appear knowledgable. Of course, sometimes people on social media are informed but always first place everyone in the category of psychos and misinformed so that if you are to relate to them as real people, they must first earn that slot.

Do not Comment On A Thread More Than 3 Times

Learn this from everyone that has a big following on social media, they do not go out commenting on every reply. They simply post and keep quiet in most cases. This is to save themselves from the stress that comes with assuming you are responding to people you know only to end up in a heated argument.

Protect yourself from social media stress by restricting yourself from replying to many people. 3 comments if they are well thought through are enough. If someone cannot understand your stand or view, they will eventually not get it, just ignore them.

 Build Up A Category Of People You Never Reply To

One of the best ways to safely navigate social media is to build up an isolated category of people that you will always ignore. Based on your social media experience, you know the kind of responses that always end in bitter exchanges.

One of the people you should never reply to is those who are playing the victim card. Those who think they are victims of every circumstance. Those who always have someone else to blame for something going wrong. Their reasons might be genuine at times, but you can never have a non-heated argument with such a person people they always see everyone who does not agree with them as a tyrant. They will attack at all costs once they assume you are not standing for the victim.

They always assume the victim is not in anywhere responsible for whatever is going on in their life. They always it is always other people to blame for their situation. Therefore, if you are not going to play the blame game, just save yourself from commenting because it will not end well.

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